Although it is important to consistently weigh yourself, so that you aren’t fooling yourself, try not to weigh yourself more than once a week. You will inevitably be curious to know your weight more often than that, especially when first beginning a weight loss program, but in general the amount of pounds you lose within a couple days may be masked by fluctuations in water weight. For example, if you drink a tall glass of water, about 16 ounces, you have just gained 1 pound of water weight. This water weight should not stick around for too long, depending on how well hydrated your body was before, but in the meantime although you may have actually lost body fat through dieting, you may see an increase in weight when you step on the scale. 

When you weigh yourself, try to do so in the morning before eating or drinking, before you get dressed. Water weighs a lot and clothes add several pounds as well. Different clothes will give you different weights and the more liquids you drink right before your weigh-in the heavier you’ll weigh.
Don’t be alarmed if after one week your weight has not decreased. Again, although you may have actually lost fat weight, you may be retaining water, which adds to your weight temporarily.

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