Currently, about half of all American women are on a diet to lose weight, but only about a quarter of American men are currently dieting to lose weight. Obviously, women are more concerned about their weight because of society’s cosmetic expectations for them to be thin.
The National Institute of Health concurs that most dieters regain 66% of their weight back within a year. And 80-90% regain all of their weight back within 5 years.

You can overcome these statistics by following the instructions given on Zapzat & by following the 5 Steps or 5 R's to Fighting Vascular Disease.
Weight loss programs that tell you to eat a certain type of food, like only protein or only eat the food trays they give you, are unsuccessful for a reason. They neglect to train the dieter on how to properly prepare and eat nutritious foods for the rest of their life.
Take for example the all protein, no carbs, diet. While dieters may find that they can lose several pounds quickly, many times they regain this weight just as quickly. The “no carb” diet allows the dieter to continue to splurge and eat as much as they want, just like before, as long as the food has no carbohydrates. It does not teach the dieter how to keep a food diary after they are done losing weight. The dieter soon returns to their previously poor eating habits, high in sugars, and unfortunately regains the weight back they lost.

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