Many people take these BMI exceptions as evidence that they don’t need to stay within their recommended normal BMI. But recent research has found that being overweight, whether or not it is due to fat or muscle mass, will put additional stress on your heart and systemic body functions. People with smaller bodies have been shown to outlive larger people. In other words in general, a person that has a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) is expected to outlive a person with a BMI that is considered overweight, even if that person’s additional weight is due to added muscle mass, and not fat. They will have less weight related illnesses. (48)
Our modern day society is obsessed with bigger and better for everything, including our own bodies. We long for a bigger house, bigger car, bigger food, and to our own demise, even bigger bodies. In fact, it has become very acceptable for us to “put on the pounds” as we age and to jokingly look back at our younger years when we could still fit into those small jeans. Society has wrongly associated obesity and overweight with being older and wiser. Look at our wise and obese icon, Santa Claus.

If you really want to make a change, you have to accept the reality that bigger is not always better. This inevitably takes some humbling, especially if you are used to being bigger than the other guy.
It is not worth it to have a bigger body if you are sacrificing your own health for it. 
As you lose weight you will feel younger and lighter. You need to get used to this feeling, because it is the new you and you will need to feel comfortable in your new smaller body.

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