Many people who are overweight or obese can feel tired and sleepy throughout the day because they do not get enough sleep during the night.
The added pressure on a person’s lungs when they are lying down can cause the person to snore loudly and even stop breathing for short periods of time. This is called sleep apnea (inability to breath while sleeping). Although it can occur at any age, this problem occurs more frequently with older people who are also overweight or obese.
A significant decrease in blood oxygen concentration occurs, which eventually forces the person to automatically try harder to take a breath. In the meantime, this breaks up their normal sleeping pattern and denies the person of adequate sleep during the night.
Although common results from sleep apnea include increased tiredness and sleepiness, death can also occur due to cardiac arrhythmias. There is also an increased risk of stroke because blood pressure rises during sleep apnea and arteries constrict. (8E)

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