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Where we live influences our appetite. Mexicans crave spicy hot foods, Chinese hunger for rice and noodles, and Americans eat burgers. Even in the United States you’ll find more fried chicken in the Southeast, and more seafood in Seattle. Dishes can vary substantially from region to region. What one person considers delicious, another may find appalling.
When we feel hungry, we think about things we’ve eaten in the past and plan to eat them again. If we’ve eaten a lot of fatty foods, we’ve trained our mind to crave these same foods again when we feel the sensation of hunger. If instead we’ve eaten a lot of wholesome foods, then we will crave these types of foods when we feel hungry.Type your paragraph here.

If you have eaten a lot of unwholesome foods in the past, you must retrain your mind to desire more nutritious foods and this can take several months or  years to fine-tune such an adjustment.

You will find that you feel better and your body functions better when you feel a little bit hungry between meals, rather than always feeling full. Our bodies were made to feel a little hunger throughout the day. If you don’t ever feel hungry, you’re probably eating too much. You probably feel bloated and tired because your body is always digesting the excessive calories that it doesn’t really need. Ever notice that you can think a little better and perform a little sharper when you aren’t full of food? This is because when you are digesting food your body becomes sleepy and more blood shifts to your intestinal tract, instead of to the rest of your body –like your head.