Preparation and planning are essential for weight loss. By planning you meals you follow a set routine and establish healthy eating habits. Consider bringing healthy lunches to work. Avoid going out to eat or visiting your favorite fast food restaurant during lunch, as this type of eating can quickly take you off course and pack on empty calories you don’t need. If you do stop in to your favorite restaurant, take a look at the calories listed for each meal. One meal there may give you almost enough calories for an entire day, but unfortunately you’ll still be hungry for more food hours later.
Often times, timidness will keep people from bringing their own lunch. While everyone else is buying delicious hot meals at their favorite places, you want to do the same, and may feel left out if you don’t. Nevertheless, soon you’ll enjoy being prepared and bringing your own nutritious lunch to work. Being prepared with a nice little cooler and several tasty items from the 5 food groups will decrease your stress levels, help you stay alert at work, and boost your self confidence.
If you are feeling exceptionally hungry, instead of getting chips or a candy bar from the vending machine, reach in your cooler and grab a banana, nuts, or some yogurt.


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