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Recent research has suggested that one of the healthiest diets for your body is the Mediterranean diet. This consists of a typical diet eaten in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

The diet consists of high intake of:
Olive oil
Beans, nuts, seeds, and peas
Fruits and vegetables
Whole grains and cereals
Cheese and yogurt
Grape juice (traditionally wine)
The diet restricts a person from eating a lot of meat.

Evidence suggests that the Mediterranean diet is as successful of a diet as the Low Carb diet in losing weight, when consuming lower calories. Additionally, the Mediterranean Diet is probably more effective than the Low Carb diet at maintaining a healthy body and healthy weight over a long period of time. (27)
This diet focuses heavily on olive oil consumption, as your primary source of fat. The Mediterranean diet severely restricts your consumption of other fats, specifically saturated fats. Research shows that olive oil, which is high in monounsaturated fats, can reduce your risk of heart disease. Olive oil can also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. (2, 3)
The Mediterranean Diet was found to inhibit the formation and severity of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as decreased incidence of death from Cancer. (1, 24) The Mediterranean Diet offers significant protection against acquiring Type II Diabetes and helps to prevent Depression. (25, 26)
Recent studies have shown that diets high in legumes (beans, nuts, seeds, and peas) may inhibit the intensity of the HIV virus to replicate within the body of persons who are diagnosed with HIV. (4, 5, 10)