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Eat a healthy wholesome meal at home at least once a day. This will combine two essential elements of weight loss and weight control: A. Finding your center, & B. Eating nutritiously. Eating a freshly prepared wholesome meal at home, preferably with family, can help relieve your stress as you find your center. You will feel more in control of your life when you take the time to eat a healthy hot meal, instead of always munching on snack bars and diet chocolate shakes.
Remember, you are preparing yourself for a lifetime of fitness and healthy eating habits. Now is the time to form those healthy habits, and you won’t be eating diet bars and shakes after you’re done losing weight, so why would you start eating them now.
Studies show that dieters who only eat diet bars and shakes have a higher rate of resorting back to their old eating habits after they’re done losing weight, and thus regain the pounds they worked so hard to shed. The rate of regaining weight after one has lost weight is greater with persons who have not successfully changed their lifestyle and formed wholesome eating habits that will carry over through the years.