The Low Carb Diet is one of the current fad diets. This diet focuses on low consumption of carbohydrates and more consumption of proteins and fats. Because of the nature of the diet, it is most useful for quick weight loss.
This diet consists of consuming:
Nuts & seeds
Fruits & vegetables with low sugar content 
The diet restricts foods high in sugar, pasta, and breads. 

Many in the medical community continue to consider the No Carb Diet as dangerous to your health, mostly because of the recommendation to eat a lot of meat and fats, which among other things can contribute to heart disease and kidney failure. The American Heart Association discourages the use of traditional extremely Low Carb/High Protein diets, stating they can be damaging to your health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that this diet is “not the route to healthy, long-term weight management. A diet high in fat, especially if it is high in saturated fat, is not good for your heart. These diets are also high in protein and can cause kidney problems and increased bone loss. Highfat, extremely low-carb or no carb diets are also low in many essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.” (28, 29, 30, 10)
Many people will see an initial sharp decrease in weight, but much of the weight lost on this diet during the first week or two is water weight. Lower Insulin levels present while eating extremely low or no carbs cause less water retention in the body. Also, ketogenic diets can cause initial dehydration. (31, 32)
Additionally, most dieters regain the weight they’ve lost within a few years, unless they closely monitor their daily dietary and exercise regimes. 

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