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Moving more during the day, performing more exercise, and eating more healthy foods can be uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. You may not be used to regular exercise or eating healthy foods. You may be more comfortable eating fast food or junk food at home. It will be a little more stressful and uncomfortable to change routines you have followed for many years. According to the items that produce stress, listed in STEP 5, an illness causes twice as much stress as does simply changing your routine. So, it’s better to change your routine now, instead of allowing yourself to get sick later. See STEP 5 for ways to reduce your stress levels.
You have to accept that this is not always going to be easy. You have to get yourself out of your comfort zone and into a new healthy zone. Change is often uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

Take the volcano analogy: When a volcano erupts it does so because of a buildup of pressure over time. This pressure explodes into an enormous eruption. But volcanic eruptions are less severe if they are allowed to let out lava and steam over time. This limits the amount of pressure built up over time and prevents a larger explosion from occurring.
A similar physical example can be said about the body. Illnesses and death resulting from Heart Attack, Stroke, and Cancer can be minimized if you take the time out of your day to let off steam, maintain a normal weight, and keep a healthy cardiovascular system through fitness & nutrition.