Fear may be one of your greatest obstacles. Learn to overcome fear and paranoia, as these sentiments can greatly inhibit your progress (99). Some fears may include: fear of the unknown, fear of how people may react, fear of failure, fear of it “taking too much time,” fear of losing your current life and routine, fear of what the new you may look like, fear of how this might affect your health, fear of cultural changes, fear of not being able to eat junk food, fear that your life might be dull if you have to eat less sugar.
Remove all of these fears from your mind and focus on the healthy future. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Don’t look behind, look forward and plan to overcome any obstacle that may come in your path. Face every day with energy and boldness. Seek positive influences in your life and avoid negative influences. If you were skinnier before, foster memories of those times and set them as future reality.

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