Aerobic exercise is exercise that usually occurs over more time than anaerobic exercise. Aerobic means it uses the oxygen in your blood to fuel your muscles’ energy during contraction. Some examples of aerobic exercise include:
Running long distance
Bicycling long distance
Hiking several miles
Playing Tennis for 25 minutes

Aerobic exercise is usually performed at a lower intensity than anaerobic exercise, but you are able to sustain the activity level for a prolonged period of time. Aerobic exercise is good for your cardiovascular system and is the type of exercise you should focus on when performing calorie-burning activities.

Anaerobic exercise is exercise performed at high intensity and relies less on blood oxygen, producing lactic acid and sore muscles. Some examples of anaerobic exercise include:
Sprinting 100-yard dash
Doing 15 pull-ups
Sprinting around a track on a bicycle
Sprinting up stairs
Climbing fast up a rope


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