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The 5 R's to Fighting Vascular Disease

Zapzat is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. Before starting any nutrition or exercise program, consult with your physician. Your physician may give you additional restrictions or advice on whether to perform a nutritional and exercise program. Zapzat is meant to be a tool to fight vascular disease, only after you seek personal medical advice from your own healthcare provider. Zapzat is not meant to diagnosis or go contrary to any medical advice you have received individually from your physician. The creator of Zapzat does not claim to give any medical advice or health diagnosis, but only presents this information as potentially useful information for one to organize and plan their body's fitness, under the supervision of their own personal physician.

Dr. A. Parker Call, Jr. received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts and practices bilingually in San Diego, California. He also attended several other universities including Harvard, BYU, University of South Alabama, and Arizona School of Health Sciences. Recently, he has been the Director of Rehab at many large rehabilitation centers in the San Diego area and over the past 20 years (including student years) he has treated a variety of patients with vascular disease including those with diabetes, stroke victims, heart problems, neuropathy, amputees, neurological issues, back problems, and other orthopedic and weight complications. He is a best-selling author, publishing several books on a variety of subjects in English & Spanish.

Dr. Call comes from a family with deep roots in medicine. His great-great-grandmother was a physician in Virginia & his father and several siblings are also MD's. His grandfather was a professor and administrator at California Polytechnic State University & another brother is a professor of physiology at BYU.